About Anne Wright

Anne Wright, based in Ottawa, Canada, has been working with encaustic-based mixed media since 2008.

Anne is fascinated with change and metamorphosis. She investigates the invisible behind the visible – the waxing and waning, the collision and confusion that underlie what is apparent. Emotion runs through her brush movements and colours. She speaks of often working “in a fever”, losing herself into the quiet hours of early morning. She works with organic impressions and textures and subtle gradations in colour. Her panels are lyrical and epic, resonating with echoes, mystery and depth. Anne speaks of poets such as Rilke, DH Lawrence, Ellen Bass and others as accompanying her in her creative process.

Of one of her latest series, “Ancestors”, Anne says: “ This Ancestry series is about unavoidable inheritance — the essence of what endures even in the face of weathering and profound change. It is informed by my own awakening to the texture of what has been passed on. I have been returning to what I hadn’t realized was waiting to be known, to be remembered… my art gives form to inklings wanting to be recognized.”

After 20 years of raising a son and running a business in coaching and facilitation, Anne returned to painting in 2001, the week of 9/11. In 2008, she discovered encaustic, and was enchanted by its organic, earthy, translucent and ready-to-play nature. Her encaustic works blend a mix of beeswax and resin with pigment and other substances like graphite, ash, fused with a torch.

She is a member of the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists (OMMA) and is a part of the International Encaustic artists’ community that meets annually in Provincetown. She has exhibited in various venues in Ottawa, Provincetown, and Toronto. Her work can currently be found at Muse Gallery in Toronto, D’OMMA Gallery in Ottawa. She welcomes studio visits to her west end studio and is pleased to take commissions.

Ottawa, 2016
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