Vocare | Creativity for Deep Living


The act of making and being moved by image, sound, poetics, silence and nature are as essential to living as air and water.  In our times, we have forgotten this.  In Vocare workshops and coaching sessions, I help you reconnect with and widen your innate creative communion — to interact with what can’t be captured yet in logical sentences, words, or even understanding.

I have personally been guided more truly into what I’m here for by following my own Vocare.  Check out this video for a taste of that.  Following Vocare has taken me into the limestone of the Burren and ancestral stories, into the echoes of what still lives in me from my ancestors.  And, over the past five years, following the inklings and beckoning that have come through Vocare exploration has led me, blessedly,  into a livelihood that has let go of the over-exertion of what I think would be right, and into a more effortless dance and flow.  I would love to share this with you and support you to live like this too.  Ultimately, I believe that if each of us were to attune for and dare to follow our our own Vocare, the imbalance we are witnessing in the world would begin to align with what’s sustainable on the earth.

Vocare workshops and sessions will help you develop a practice to be guided by that thread you are following.  You will set up your own creative hive and establish a regular practice.  You will free yourself from being stopped by that familiar critic that comes in too early.  You will open up and loosen up.  And you will start to find a way to listen to what your creations are saying to you and keep following those signals into your life.

I give Vocare talks to give you a greater sense of what I’ve found by following this path.  Contact me to book one for your group.  Click here for more information on upcoming Vocare workshops.

Vocare Participants’ Feedback

You planned a beautiful balance of movement, poetry and creative exploration. The benefits of this process will go on long after our closing circle.
 MM, Vocare Workshop participant

Anne Wright’s Vocare Series was just the exliar my creative heart needed this spring.  A perfect blend of teaching, poetry, music, movement and art, helped me discover a way to nourish and track the mystery that’s always waiting to unfold inside me.   It was new to just let the images that emerged on paper, speak to me about what is asking for my attention, and most important to follow.
MD, Vocare Workshop Participant